If you have any questions or interest in the following positions, send an email with your CV and the title "Slots Limited Application : (Insert Job Title Here)" to gm@aaagame.com

Art Designer

1. Responsible for creation of mobile game characters, UI design and production.
2. Assist the developer to achieve the final implementation of the product and is responsible for continuous optimization of the product.

1. Minimum: Bachelor's Degree. Majoring in Fine Arts, experience in mobile games and overseas project outsourcing experience is preferred;
2. Good art foundation, with excellent graphic design, hand-drawing skills and modeling abilities. Capable of of creating quality work. 
3. Excellent sketching abilities. Good grasp of a variety of aesthetics.
4. Familiar with Photoshop and other commonly used tools. Understands mobile game art creation tools.
5. Portfolio necessary, stolen art will not be considered.

2D Animator

1. Animation of game characters, scenes, UI and other special effects.
2. Assist in improving the overall sense and feel of the action and impact of the game. 
3. Communicate with Art Designers to achieve successful results
4. Planning and collaborating with other teams in order to effectively achieve optimal animations

1, Bachelor degree, Art-related certifications
2. Skilled in animating movements, frame animation, skeleton animation, etc. Have successful game experience. 
3. Excellent understanding of animation movement and impact.
4. Familiar with Cocos2d-x studio engine, skilled with of AE, PS, Spine, Flash and other animation programs;
5. Skilled graphic and hand-drawn design skills, will use Photoshop and other software to draw special effects material;
6. Love animation, games, and the challenge of innovation. Persistent to achieve the optimal final product.
7. Good communication and teamwork skills.

Overseas Ad Designer

1. Responsible for overseas mobile game product advertising, including Facebook, Adwords, Applovin, etc.
2. Develop advertising strategies, communicate with design and prepare advertising materials and copywriting.
3. Monitor daily progress, constantly optimize advertising exposure, click through rate, conversion rate, installation rate
4. Monitor and organize the advertising data and provide data reports regularly

1. More than two years overseas sales experience, Facebook, Adwords and relevant experience is preferred
2. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, advertising, marketing is preferred
3. Good command of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English
4. Logical, quick thinking, rigorous data analysis skills, skilled use of Excel tools
5. Cheerful personality, good team spirit and communication skills, able to work under pressure
6. Dedicated to creating the optimal final product

Project Director

1. Responsible for Machine themes, effects, sound design and any related work.
2. Responsible for creation and maintenance of respective machine number tables.
3.Coordinate with art, animation, and programming teams to achieve optimal game design.
4. Responsible for the evaluation of competitors products and provide suggestions to our current products.

1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Familiar with all kinds of online games, have well-developed understanding of games
3. Skilled in Excel and other commonly used software planning tools
4. Excellent communication skills and teamwork abilities

Senior Unity Developer

1. Development using Unity3D
2. Responsible for client frame construction and core logic function
3. Responsible for engine performance fine-tuning
4. Participate in R & D requirements of planning, product, operation and other departments to ensure product stability and experience.
5. Solve major technical problems in the project development process.

1. More than 2 years of U3D mobile game experience, familiar with U3D engine architecture design, at least 1 completed product.
2. Familiar with Unity3D engine architecture design, have some experience in efficiency optimization.
3. Proficient in C#, familiar with 3D graphics, familiar with C++ is preferred.
4. Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
5. Excellent learning ability, good communication skills, love of the games business.
6. Cross platform game engine development experience is preferred.

Game Ad Designer

1., Responsible for creation of marketing materials including advertisements both picture and video;
2. Responsible for UI, Logo, Icon and other visual elemental design and production ;
3. Creation of other marketing related resources 

1. Bachelor degree or above, with English background. More than two years related work experience is preferred
2. Understand the characteristics of overseas markets
3. Skilled use of Photoshop, can produce graphic advertising and GIF advertising
4. Can make video ads, skilled use of After, Effects, Premiere, Video, Studio, Vegas, etc.
5. Full of enthusiasm, serious and responsible work, hard-working, team spirit, optimistic and positive thinking;
6. Good communication skills and teamwork